Keep Music Maker Alive!

Help us reach our $25,000 goal to support the Musician Sustenance program – specifically the Emergency Relief Fund, that assists Partner musicians in crisis due to illness, theft, natural disaster, etc.

Donate to Support Sustenance Here.

Music Maker steps in and averts disaster to help these musicians continue to create their art. Roots music is America’s cultural foundation, and the musicians who create it must be uplifted and supported so they can continue to share their light with the world.

Donate to Support Sustenance Here.

1 Response to Keep Music Maker Alive!

  1. Anna Crankshaw says:

    It been a while since I have supported Musicmaker, not due to lack of desire but due to major life changes (children, career, etc). We recently lost our house during Hurricane Sandy, and I have found that going back to the blues — especially musicians I first heard of through your organization — has been very sustaining. You are such a great organization and I am proud to be supporting you again.

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