Digging Through the Stacks: John Lee Zeigler

John Lee Zeigler‘s “Lose My Money” has been on repeat in our office this week. Aaron and I love the character of the track, and the ambience it evokes. One interesting thing about John Lee is that he plays the guitar left-handed, without the strings changed, just like other MMRF artist Cool John Ferguson. Born in Peach County, Georgia, John Lee quit school to go to work when he was nine years old, and learned music from those who worked the fields with him.

You can hear much of what John Lee probably heard in those fields on “Lose My Money.” Tim noticed us listening to it and told us the style of music of “Lose My Money” pre-dates Blues; it’s possibly a reflection of older African-American banjo rhythms put on the guitar. You can actually find the rhythms from this track in traditional West African Music.

We hope you enjoy “Lose My Money” as much as we do- check it out here!

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