Leyla’s CD On Sale Now!

Next Generation Artist Leyla McCalla’s CD is now available in the Music Maker Store!

“It’s a beguiling album in the way it pulls the listener in distinct directions. At once unvarnished and sparse, like field recordings in high definition, it’s also rich with the organic suppleness” – Boston Globe

“McCalla isn’t simply reclaiming a style of music. She’s also honoring the struggle and determination that originally kindled it.” – Washington Post

Album Cover

Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes, features original music set to Hughes’ poetry, alongside two original songs with original lyrics and several Haitian folk songs. Leyla’s rich vocals, bouncing cello, and pulsing tenor banjo fill out the album and ensure it has a unique feel rooted in Musical traditions of the south.

Check it out!

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