Diggin’: Lee Gates’ You Gotta Love Me Baby

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Listen: You Gotta Love Me Baby

Lee Gates arrives at every emotional revelation with raw intensity. He brings his guitar Lucy along for the ride and as listeners we can commiserate with the wails and moans of that guitar. “You got to hug me baby, like you did before!” I dare any of you to try to imagine what it would be like for Lee Gates to whisper anything in your ear. Impossible! “If you don’t hug me woman, you know its gonna hurt me so!”

Everyone knows this desperation. Love, at some time or another, brings everyone to their knees, even the towering and powerful Lee. As we celebrate Valentine’s day tomorrow, I am grateful to know love and hopeful for all of those who have yet to find it. If you have yet to find it, think about the pain Lee is suffering through this song and know that you may have been spared some misery.  Happy Valentine’s Day.


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  1. Jake says:

    Aaron — thanks for exposing us to this. Where can we find this Lee Gates song (“You Gotta Love Me Baby”)?

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