George Higgs

“Higgs is a moving singer, powerful harp blower and has a gentle, propulsive guitar style that make for engaging listening.” - Jeff Harris, Bad Dog Blues

How We Helped:

Music Maker Relief Foundation has assisted George Higgs in securing a passport, provided him with a stipend for prescription medicine, and given him guitars. Music Maker has also helped George record two CDs and perform in France, Switzerland, and the United States. George is featured in the book Music Makers: Portraits and Songs from the Roots of America (2004).

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More About George:

George Higgs was born in 1930 in a farming community in Edgecombe County near Speed, North Carolina (“a slow town with a fast name” as he is fond of saying.) He learned to play the harmonica as a child from his father, Jesse Higgs, who enjoyed playing favorite spirituals and folk tunes at home during his spare time. George got to catch the medicine showman and harmonica player Peg Leg Sam playing locally in Rocky Mount during the tobacco market season and he made a lasting impression on the young harp player. He was later attracted to the guitar as a teenager and reluctantly sold a favorite squirrel dog to a neighbor to raise funds to purchase his first. As a result of their close proximity the dog spent more time at George’s home than at his new owner’s, so he got to have the guitar and keep the company of his dog. – Lightnin’ Wells

George Higgs passed away in January 2013.

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George Higgs

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Tarboro Blues

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