Lakota John Locklear

John Lakota Locklear, one of Music Maker’s Next Generation Artists, was born in 1997 in Pembroke, North Carolina. A Native American (Lumbee), Lakota John was 7 years old when he started playing harmonica and 9 years old when he picked up his first guitar. He was intrigued by the sound of the slide guitar and wanted to learn to play. About a year and a half later, he bought himself a glass slide, placed it on his pinky finger and has been sliding ever since.  

How We Helped:

Lakota John joined the Music Maker family in 2009 as a member of the Next Generation Artists program, which encourages and mentors younger artists performing Southern traditional music. The program doesn’t provide the young artists with financial support, but assists them in a variety of other ways intended to foster the continuation of Southern music through the upcoming generation. Music Maker helped Lakota John issue his first CD, Lakota John, Old Bluez That’z Newz to Me, and arranged performances for him at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival and the North Carolina Museum of History. We also produced and released his most recent album, a collaboration with his family called "Lakota John and Kin."

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More About Lakota John Locklear:


In July 2008, Lakota John was awarded a scholarship to Centrum’s Country Blues Festival in Port Townsend, WA, where he had the pleasure to join Mr. Phil Wiggins, the late Mr. John Cephas, and other talented musicians for a week of blues music sessions. In July 2009, he returned to Centrum’s Acoustic Blues Festival for another week of workshops and local performances in the Port Townsend area. Lakota John is a featured solo performer at the Local Artists Blues Showcase, where he is also accompanied by his sister Layla (vocalist), his dad John (guitarist), and other well-known local musicians that make up Lakota John & Friends. The Local Artists Blues Showcase is held at the HQ Public Library in Fayetteville, N.C., and is hosted by Claudia Swartz and BeatHeart Productions. In 2009, he completed his first CD, Lakota John, Old Bluez That’z Newz To Me.

Career Highlights


Lakota John & Layla Locklear with Cary Morin

Lakota John at Shakori Hills 2011


Lakota John and Kin

Upcoming Events

  • 2/7/2013 Lakota John and Kin CD Release Party at Mystery Brewing (Hillsborough, NC)