Major Handy

Major Handy is a Zydeco musician and blues accordion player who was born in 1947 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Surrounded by Creole music while growing up, he has since fine-tuned his skills on the guitar, bass, piano and accordion, along with becoming a vocalist. His past gigs include playing guitar with Rockin’ Dopsie’s band for 12 years and with Buckwheat Zydeco’s original lineup for about a year. Over the years, he has held various jobs including acting as deputy sheriff in the late 1970s, holding a regular gig in Canada that include doing a cooking show before his set and running his own auto business.

How We Helped

Major Handy traveled to Australia as part of a two-week tour with the Music Maker Blues Revue. We have invited him to become a key member of the group. Major Handy is the first zydeco musician to which Music Maker has ever reached out.

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