We help musicians make it.

Help us preserve America’s musical heritage through our partnerships with elderly artists, because what is worth keeping is worth passing on. Supporters like you make it possible for artists to live in safety and comfort while sharing their music with the world.

Without your assistance, many of these artists would be silenced with the passing of time. Music Maker works tirelessly to meet musicians’ needs, elevate their careers, and document their work for future generations. With your gift we can care for our old and educate our young, all growing stronger together.

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Music Maker has several membership options so that you can make an even bigger impact with your purchases. You can also select a gift for your donation, just select from the drop-down menu when you check out.


Record Club

Be the first to hear our top new releases: Join the Music Maker Record Club for a donation of $100, which sends you four new-releases each year! It’s a great way to make sure you never miss out on great Music Maker artists and their albums, while supporting our mission of preserving America’s musical heritage.

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Listener’s Circle

Members of the Listener’s Circle receive a limited edition compilation album bi-monthly for a sustaining donation of $30 per month or more. Compilations are designed exclusively for Circle members. Circle compilations feature unreleased tracks, previews of upcoming albums, and interesting musical material from the Music Maker stacks. These compilations are not available for sale, and once they are sent out to members, they go away forever. Each album comes hand-numbered, so you know just how many were made, along with a note from Tim.

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Planned Giving:

Leave a legacy that will support the survival of Roots music and the musician who make it. Your support of Music Maker in your estate planning will ensure our mission continues far into the future. For questions about making a planned gift, please email Corinne Everett Belch at

Gifts of Stock:

Music Maker can accept stock gifts! Please email Corinne Everett Belch at for details if you would like to make a gift of stock.