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Black Friday Deals!

Check out our Black Friday Deals! You can do all your shopping with us this year! Music Maker Staff Favorites on sale - half off our staff's top ten! Free shipping on the Ironing Board Sam Pendant and all Wet Plate Photographs! Listener's Circle is on sale for $300 ($60 savings!) | Read More»

We’re Thankful for YOU This Thanksgiving!

We wanted to make sure you know how much we value you, our supporters. Every one of us, from staff to board members to artists, will be thanking you at our tables this year. Your support means that we have spent 20 years revitalizing careers, documenting talented artists, and helping musicians | Read More»

Diggin’: John Lee Zeigler “Listen Mr. DJ”

Listen: Listen Mr DJ John Lee Zeigler, from Kathleen, GA played guitar upside-down and backwards in a style that directly reflects African griot traditions. In the late 1960s George Mitchell recorded Zeigler, and in the 1990s Tim followed George’s footsteps through the music of the South. During several visits, | Read More»

On the Blog: Captain Luke’s Birthday Brings People Together

Captain Luke's birthday is coming up, and while we prepare to throw a little soiree for him here at the office, Aaron remembers the first time he met Captain Luke. It was the first time Aaron had heard of Music Maker as well. The rest, they say, is (recent) history. | Read More»
Blue Monday still

Monday Morning Blues with Ejo

Have you met Ejo, our office mascot and "task master?" Some days, Ejo just has the blues. Particularly Mondays. Check out this video our intern Swathi made characterizing Ejo's particular brand of office management:     | Read More»

Diggin’: Dr. Dixon and Harvey Dalton Arnold’s “Rollin’ and Tumblin’”

Listen: Dr. Dixon and Harvey Dalton Arnold’s “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” The past few days we’ve been welcoming Dr. Dixon, Bh.D, into the Music Maker family, and what better way to kick off our new relationship than introducing him to one of our favorite artists, Harvey Dalton Arnold. | Read More»
Dr. G.B. Burt

Dr. Burt Will Be Missed

Dr. Burt passed away last week after a battle with cancer. We were all saddened to hear this, and Tim wrote the following to commemorate him: Dr. Burt was a dear friend to everyone that he met. He opened his home and his heart to all the Music Maker interns | Read More»

Party with the Music Maker Party Pack – Free!

Want the Music Maker Party Pack? You get it free if you let us know you'll be raising funds for Music Maker at your party! Email and tell us how many people you'll be hosting!   | Read More»

Diggin’: Precious Bryant’s “Can’t Stand To Let You Go”

Listen: Can’t Stand To Let You Go Many times I let my co-workers choose the music we listen to in the office since, before working for Music Maker, I had very little working knowledge of Roots music. I listened to everything – I just didn’t know much of anything. | Read More»

On the Blog: Tim Talks About Discovery Artists

Many times when an artist passes away, Tim is asked "is that it? Is this the end of the music?" Tim addresses that concern and the answer is no - we have much more work to do and many more artists out there playing traditional Roots music. There are many " | Read More»

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