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On the Blog: Women in Blues Spotlight – Etta Baker

March is Women's History Month, and we're spotlighting women in roots and blues on our blog for the next several weeks. This week we've written about Etta Baker, legendary blueswoman whose music inspired Bob Dylan and Taj Mahal, but who only recorded her first album at the age of 78. She | Read More»

Diggin’: Algia Mae’s “Lima Beans”

Listen: Lima Beans We’ve been working to spotlight women in blues and roots on our blog this month, and that has us digging further into the albums from our female artists. Algia Mae Hinton, a friend of Etta Baker, whose profile appears on this week’s blog post, has | Read More»

Berklee Students Perform with John Dee on Friday!

Don't miss this wonderful show with the students from Berklee School of Music and John Dee Holeman!   Friday, March 21st Free! Show begins 9pm   Mystery Brewing Public House 230 South Nash Street Hillsborough, NC | Read More»
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Diggin’: Mr. Q’s “Cocktail Boogie”

Listen: Cocktail Boogie We’ve been working with a lot of photos of Mr. Q lately, and Tim always tells the story of Mr. Q’s hat, which he painted over and over again until it weighed a ton. The paint ensured the hat always looked shiny and new. Every | Read More»

Tim and Corn designed a guitar for David Bryant!

Tim and Corn decorated this guitar for David Bryant last week. He was elated when he received it and said,  "All I'm gonna do is play guitar!" Read about Tim, B and Aaron's visit on the blog here! | Read More»

Berklee Students Visit Music Maker Next Week!

Berklee College of Music’s Country Blues Program will travel to Durham, N.C. from March 20th-23rd to learn about the history of the Piedmont Blues tradition!   The group includes students from across the world that have found an interest in the rural pre-war blues styles of the | Read More»
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Diggin’: Harvey Dalton Arnold’s “King Cotton”

Listen: King Cotton   I was lucky enough to be running the recorder when Harvey recorded "King Cotton." It's a short song with a lot of punch. Harvey writes from his own life experience. Growing up in Eastern Carolina off of old country roads, the house he grew up in | Read More»

On the Blog: B’s Road Trip Memories

B reminisces on the blog about her first road trip as part of the Music Maker team! Check it out here. | Read More»
Big Boy Henry

Diggin: Big Boy Henry’s “John Henry”

Listen: John Henry "John Henry the Steel Driving Man," is one of America's most popular folk songs. It is about a legendary spike driver who challenged the new steam powered drill in driving a long spike into solid rock, building a train tunnel in West Virginia. This ballad song was | Read More»
Leyla McCalla

On the Blog: Black History Month

This February, Music Maker and several artists we reached out to are all writing blog posts specifically relating to Black History Month, either their thoughts about the celebrations, specific memories or stories they feel inspired to share. Get caught up, and read all of them on our blog!     & | Read More»

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