How We Help


Building Knowledge and Appreciation – Cultural Access Program

Music Maker strives to increase accessibility to traditional American music worldwide, bringing racially and economically diverse audiences together in a celebration of our musical heritage. This program:

  • Brings live performances to underserved populations
  • Provides educational programming and free access to music
  • Maintains a permanent, multi-media archive for historic preservation

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A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out – Musical Development Program

Music Maker works with artists to develop their repertoires and provide them the resources needed to build a career from their talent. For Music Maker’s partner artists, navigating the music industry can be almost insurmountable with obstacles such as poverty, lack of computer skills, and lack of transportation standing in their way. This program:

  • Guides professional career development
  • In-house booking agency and tour management
  • Provides instrument, equipment and merchandise grants
  • Cultivates public relations and radio play

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Improving Lives – Musician Sustenance Program

Music Maker steps in and makes sure artists have what they need to live in safety and comfort. Music Maker partner artists frequently must survive on less than $10,000 annually. They may have to choose between food, housing and needed medications or face the types of unexpected expenses, such as illness or theft, that can cripple someone barely meeting their day-to-day needs. Poverty and economic insecurity are formidable obstacles to creativity, stemming the growth and health of our cultural traditions.  This program:

  • Provides monthly stipends for food, shelter and medical care
  • Supplies emergency aid for artists in crisis
  • Connects artists with government and non-profit resources

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