Music Library

Maintaining a dynamic archive and making it freely available to researchers, musicians and music lovers is at the core of the Music Maker mission to sustain and keep vital Southern Musical traditions. The Music Maker collection consists of sound, photographs, and video that captures and preserves our Southern cultural heritage. The catalog represents a cultural quilt that demonstrates the richness and value of Southern Musical traditions.

The process of digitizing, tagging and organizing the sound, photography and video of the collection are the first few steps in a process that will eventually make the collection freely available to the public online. Our goal is to create a user interface that makes this material accessible, searchable and engaging and create a system that can easily grow and sustain itself in the long term. Leading up to this project’s completion, we will ask scholars and cultural tastemakers to mine our physical archives and curate multimedia online exhibits that will live on our website.

Through your support this project can be seen to its completion and contemporary culture will be able to engage with our cultural roots for years to come.