Music Maker Tintype Photography


About Tintype Photography:

Tintypes are created using the Wet Plate Collodion process invented in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer. Shortly after, it became the World’s most widely adopted photographic method. Mathew Brady documented the Civil War with such photographs.  Each plate is coated with collodion, sensitized in a silver bath, exposed in the camera and developed before the plate dries. This difficult process achieves the sharpest detail ever produced in photography, penetrating and revealing the true essence of the subject.


Music Maker’s Tintype Products:

Music Maker Tintypes are one of a kind, an “Objet d’art.” They come in a custom letterpress frame, hinged on back, ready to set on your shelf.

Tintype Products for Sale:


Music Maker Tintype Gallery:

See which tintypes are available for purchase by visiting our store! Tintypes by Tim Duffy and Aaron Greenhood.



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