Tim Duffy

Timothy Duffy – Founder, Executive Director

Tim has been recording and documenting artists since the early age of 16, when he became interested in ethnomusicology. After earning a BA from Friends World College and MA from the Curriculum in Folklore at the UNC, Tim and his wife Denise founded Music Maker in 1994 to assist traditional musicians in need. Tim works very closely with partner artists on a daily basis while also overseeing program operations. For his work with Music Maker, Tim was recognized by ABC Evening News as the “Person of the Week” in April 2004 and was voted Living Blues Producer of the Year in 1999. Tim has also received honors from National Resophonic Guitars and the NC Folklore Society. Since Music Maker’s founding he has produced more than 151 albums, produced two films, and has presented dozens of traditional Southern musicians at prestigious venues around the world. Read more…

Denise Duffy

Denise Duffy – Co-Founder, Managing Director

Denise has a BA from Hampshire College and joined husband Tim in managing Music Maker after leaving a successful career in the fashion industry. Denise’s business experience is invaluable to Music Maker as she wears many hats within the organization – she is responsible for operations, financial management, government compliance, and strategic planning. Denise finds bringing people of diverse backgrounds together in musical celebration the most rewarding aspect of her work at Music Maker. She finds inspiration in these bold senior artists launching new careers and blazing new trails around the globe. She and Tim have two children. Read more…

Aaron Greenhood

Aaron Greenhood – Artist Services Coordinator

Aaron joined Music Maker in 2011 and has enjoyed doing everything from booking performances, album production, managing intern projects, overseeing the audio and photo archive, to processing artist grant requests.  Before joining Music Maker, Aaron founded the community outreach and workshops program at High Strung Violins and Guitars in Durham, North Carolina.  In 2004 he spearheaded the multimedia arm of Daylight Community Arts Foundation, a non-profit documentary photography foundation.  He has a BA in fine art photography from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cornelius Lewis

Cornelius Lewis – Community Coordinator

Hailing from Chicago, Cornelius has a B.S. in Sustainable Development & Agroecology from Appalachian State University. He met Tim at the Hoppin’ John Fiddlers Convention, which led to the position with Music Maker assisting the staff with day-to-day needs, shipping, and music licensing. Corn enjoys researching royalty money owed to artists from their former careers, and finds it extremely rewarding to be able to call an artist and let them know they are getting a check! Corn is passionate about music, playing bass and banjo around town on a regular basis.

Ardie Dean

Ardie Dean

With 3 decades as drummer, musical directer and award winning producer for the Music Maker Relief Foundation, this veteran has performed the most prestigious venues around the globe proving ‘the more you give, the more you get!’

Axel Kustner

Axel Küstner – Contributing Photographer

Since the late 1970s, Axel Küstner has steadfastly documented every country blues artist he could find. Through over 30 trips to the American South from his native Germany, Axel has rescued many great musicians from total obscurity. His images can be found throughout the pages of this website, in Music Maker album artwork and in collections around the world.


Mark Austin – Contributing Photographer

Mark Austin was born in High Point, North Carolina, in 1952. He began working as a photographer at age seventeen. At twenty-five he went to sea, taking along his Leica and documenting the lives of commercial fisherman of the East Coast and Alaska. Austin’s photographs of blues musicians have appeared in Bikini, Esquire, Living Blues and Rolling Stone.

Learn more about Mark Austin’s Photography here!

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Karen Mack – Finance Coordinator

Karen joined our office staff in 2016 after spending 3 years as a volunteer with us. Karen holds a BA degree and comes to us after many years’ experience as a business manager with an Atlanta sound studio. She is also a founder of a small business supporting self-taught visual artists. As our finance coordinator, Karen works part-time handling accounts payable and receivable, and maintaining financial records.


Berk Ozturk – Programs Coordinator

Berk Ozturk, Exhibitions Coordinator, holds a BA degree from UNC Chapel Hill and an MA from NYU in Music Technology. Berk works part-time at Music Maker and handles all exhibition related needs.